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Tropical Planet Nursery is Open for Business!

Welcome to Tropical Planet Nursery!

My name is Asher. At Tropical Planet Nursery, we specialise in fruit trees from sub-tropical and tropical regions of the world.

Currently, we specialise in mangoes with over 50 varieties from Pakistan, India, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia and The Americas. They are all grafted and you’ll be having fruit within 2 years of planting your new tree.

We also have jakfruit, pomegranates, longans, lychees and many varieties of mulberries. You’ll also find some very rare varieties of tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees.

To see our full and extensive range of fruit trees that are for sale, just click here.

Should you wish to visit us in person, you’re more than welcome, just make an appointment and we’ll be here for you. Just click here or call on 0488 200 698

Remember, if you’ve got any trees in mind that you can’t see here, please let us know.

Another line we have at Tropical Planet Nursery are fruit trees from the Australian Native Bush. We have some very rare varieties of Australian ‘bush tucker’ fruit as well as the regular varieties. Check all these items out on-line or make an appointment and come and visit us.

Tropical Planet Nursery, where we always remind you - “a little bit from home, for your new home”.

Have an outstanding day!



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